Fee Structure

Deposition of School Fees

The parents will deposit fee within a week of declaration of admission list of their children, failing which the name of the child will be struck off from the admission list.

Children of serving police Personnel will, as a rule, not be refused admission other may be refused admission if section does not permit. Admission may be refused to Children suffering from Mental or incurable infectious diseases.

Rules and Mode of Payment & School Fees

  • The Parents will pay the School fees only through the J&K Bank D.P.L Jammu

  • Fee is to be paid on Monthly basis.

  • From 1st to 15th of each month (Deposited in J&K Bank, DPL Jammu)16th onwards deposited in School

  • Details of the payment are to be filled by the Parents neatly (without over writing)on all the three slips i.e. parents copy, school copy and bank copy.

  • In case, fee book is lost, duplicate fee book can be provided from the school on the payment of Rs. 10 only

  • Annual charges are to be paid in the month of April every year

  • Parents have the option to deposit fee for the whole academic year together in advance, if they feel comfortable

Late Fees

  • In case the Parents fail to pay on due dates; late fee will be charged at the rate of Rs 30 /-per day for one week i.e. 11th to 15th after that they will be fined Rs. 10/-per day w.e.f 16th onwards

  • If fees and fine are not paid for three consecutive months the name of the student will be struck off.