Vision & Mission

Our Mission


We at JKPPS believe in the holistic approach towards education. In other words, we constantly endeavour to create and sustain an educational environment that offers the learner the full range of opportunities to perceive, crystallize, sharpen and utilize her/his manifest and latent intelligences, which, according to Professor Howard Gardner, form the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career of an individual, especially in the global community of today. Jammu & Kashmir Police Public School aspires to:-

  • The heart of our school lies in the dynamic relationship between student and teacher.JKPPS provides a rigorous program that engages students through inquiry and collaboration. Our dedicated faculty encourages students to think critically, to take risks and to be creative. We challenge students to strive for personal and academic excellence, and we treasure the intellectual, social, artistic and physical development of each student. JKPPS students are expected to participate actively in their learning and to engage fully in the intellectual life of the School.

  • We believe that students develop integrity and strength of character by learning to make good choices and by taking responsibility for their actions. We expect JKPPS students to be kind, honest and respectful of others. We value a strong work ethic, and we seek to instill in our students a sense of optimism and determination in the face of challenge. Our supportive environment encourages students to develop the courage to act independently and the confidence to pursue leadership opportunities.

  • Respect for individual and cultural differences is a central value of JKPPS. We celebrate the open exchange of ideas and spirit of inclusiveness that flow from our multicultural community. The active involvement of students, families, alumni, faculty and staff creates the energy and enthusiasm that characterize the JKPPS experience. Our community participates wholeheartedly in the extensive opportunities found in India, and we are committed to pursuing learning experiences throughout the Country & World.

  • We believe that service to others teaches young people to be productive and effective citizens, and we challenge JKPPS students to find passion and purpose beyond themselves. JKPPS offers meaningful opportunities in the classroom and through service learning for students to participate actively in our school, local neighborhoods, and abroad. We seek to inspire the compassion and international awareness necessary for students to contribute responsibly to the global community.

  • Develop all-round personality of a child by helping her/him acquire knowledge and skills required for a balanced physical, intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual growth as an individual.

  • Assist each child to live in harmony with the world around and to cultivate attitudes and abilities that will contribute to further development and welfare of the society she/he lives in.

Our Vision

Jammu & Kashmir Police Public School's Vision is to prepare dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow, to meet the challenges of a global society, while retaining traditional values.