Jammu & Kashmir Police Public School

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The Students at Jammu & Kashmir Police Public School are encouraged to explore, reach out and seek answers for themeselves.

The teachers are encouraged to innovate, guide and most importantly, become learners first. Delivering knowledge-base created by our highly qualified faculties, our research, publishing and training experience.


Inspirational Words



Principal, JKPPS

Children are the architect of future and need a navigator to steer their ship of education towards zenith. Its a pleasure to know that a school with commendable vision is there to provide rigorous, Children are the architect of future and need a navigator to steer their ship of education. We welcome each one of you into the family of J&K Police Public School, Jammu. Commitment and Achievement is possible when the mentors go along with the journey in education. We, as guiding forces for the school, have taken an oath that we will go with the child each mile for the progress and welfare of the child.

Why J&K Police Public School


Smart Classes

Our teachers are well trained and oriented in the use of all ICT tools and keep on factoring them into their classrooms.

Sports Programs

We offer a very wide range of sports and games, so that every student can find at least one in which she/he can excel.

Co-Curricular Activities

We at JKPPS Jammu, believe that the theoretical knowledge is enhanced when a co-curricular activity related to the content taught.

Spacious Labs

With computer education an essential part of modern day living, it has become the priority of the school to make students and teachers computer savvy.

Transport Facilities

The School provides the children with an excellent bus facility which has routes that cover all with stops at regular intervals.


We have a full-fledged, 24x7 security system in school campus. We ensure that children and school staff carry their ID cards while in the school.

News & Events


Celebration of International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day has been celebrated in J&K Police Public School Miran Sahib Jammu on 21-06-2024. Students, NCC Cadets (Boy...

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