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Labour Day Celebration in J&K Police Public School Miran Sahib Jammu.

Today on 01-05-2024, J&K Police Public School Miran Sahib Jammu celebrated Labour Day with great fervor and enthusiasm. A Special assembly has been organized to mark the occasion, where students showcased their talents through Skit, Song and various other performances. The theme of the assembly centred around highlighting the valuable contribution of the Labour class towards society and emphasizing the significance of this important Day.
Students actively participated in various activities to honor and appreciate the hard work and dedication of labour force. Through their performances, they conveyed heartfelt messages of gratitude and recognition of Labour Community for their ceaseless efforts in building and shaping our society.
The highlight of the event was when the School Principal, Shri Rajeev Sharma took the stage to felicitate the Class IV Employees of J&K Police Public School Miran Sahib Jammu. He thanked and acknowledged the valuable contribution of Class IV Employees who work tirelessly behind the scene to ensure the smooth functioning of school.
J&K Police Public School Miran Sahib Jammu continues to instill values of gratitude, respect and empathy in its students ensuring they grow up to be responsible and compassionate citizens who appreciate the efforts of all members of society.