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JKPPS JAMMU organises Social Science Exhibition.

JKPPS JAMMU organises Social Science Exhibition
JKPPS JAMMU strives to make PTM an opportunity to showcase the talent of the students in all fields. This time on the PTM conducted for the result declaration of Periodic/Unit Test 1, school organised an elaborate Social Science Exhibition exhibiting the projects and working models made by the students under the guidance of social science faculty. The charts, models, manuscripts, project files, scrapbooks, etc made by students were kept on display for the parents perusal. The participant teachers as well as students showed great enthusiasm as their work was being highly appreciated by the viewers. The entire experience was joyful and enhanced learning of the students to a great extent. The videos and powerpoint presentations prepared by the teachers and students were also put on display on projector through out the exhibition. The exhibition being a part of Social Science Week remained a huge success among staff and parents.